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5 Easy Eco Friendly Swaps

Join us on the journey to eliminate wasteful, energy consuming, toxic, and even hazardous products from your life.  Maybe for you, like for us, it'll just be one simple thing that opens your eyes (for us it was plastic straws), or maybe you've already started on your commitment to eco-friendly living and are making simple changes.  Whatever your step in the journey, we hope we can give you some ideas and tips. Replace Aluminum Foil and Cling Wrap with Beeswax Wraps Replace disposable plastic bags with Reusable Zipper Bags  Add a compost bin to your counter for food scraps  Use cloth napkins or reusable towels instead of paper towels or wet wipes Pack your lunch in wheat straw lunch totes with it's...

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The 'tea about leather

Does going green mean you have to give up leather? As you shop our store you'll come across some items that feature leather.  If, like us, your first reaction is !!!Leather isn't ECO-FRIENDLY!!!, well, we're here to share what we've learned. The traditional methods of tanning and manufacturing leather is not eco-friendly at all.  Chemicals are used to tan the skins, and cattle raised for cow hides (leather) are so not eco-friendly due to the sheer amount of resources required to raise a herd. Our first choice would be: reuse!  When you buy used, or "upcycled" leather, you're closing the loop - reusing is the most eco-friendly option we've got.  That's why when you do see an item in our...

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