We don't mean to alarm you, but...

Did you know that we're harming the environment by our lifestyles?

Global warming isn't a hippie-dippie prediction by some end of the world nutters.  It's happening right this moment.  Why it's happening seems to be up for debate, but we do know that there are things we can do that will help slow it down.  

Use less fuel in our cars (walk, bike, or use mass transit).  Recycle more.  Avoid using products that are plastic based.  Plant a tree.  Use LED bulbs in the home.

Here at HappyEarth, we really want to make it easy for everyone to start making the switch to eco-friendly products that will reduce the impact of global warming on the planet.  That will reduce if not eliminate single-use plastics that are littering our oceans.  We know it may seem daunting, but you can make one little change today and start your journey.  Stop using single use disposable grocery bags.  Bring your own totes when you go grocery shopping;  carry a collapsible tote in your purse or car so anywhere you are, you have one handy. 

Once you start seeing the waste we all contribute, you'll also start seeing all the ways that you can reduce your contribution to that waste.  We hope you decide to shop with us and buy those items here, but you know even if you didn't, we wouldn't mind.  As long as you're making the switch, you're making a change in all this waste, and we couldn't be happier about that.


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