What's the Buzz about Beeswax?

On our site, you'll see some beeswax wrap products.  If this is your first time learning about beeswax, welcome! You're not alone! 

Beeswax is most commonly known as a lip balm, or a candle material.  Beeswax is the wax that the worker bee produces from eating honey.  Basically it turns the sugar from the honey into a wax substance.  

Not only does beeswax smell terrific, but it's also a sustainable, renewable product.  Responsible beekeepers know just how much beeswax they can harvest from a hive, since bees use the wax themselves.  Beekeepers have to remove the wax in order to get to the honey, so it's being scraped away as part of the harvesting of honey.  They don't remove any wax that might be part of the hive itself.

Wraps, like the ones we sell, are made of beeswax, oil, resin, and organic cotton.  A thin layer of the wax, oil, and resin are laid over the cotton.  Once cooled, it becomes a stiff sheet that can be stored in your kitchen draw.  Wraps react to heat; so when hold one in your hand, your natural body warmth makes it pliable, so you can press it against a bowl, or wrap a piece of fruit.  Since it does react to warmth, it's not a good option for anything hot, or anything uncooked (raw meat for instance). Once you're done with your wrap, wash with cool water and a mild soap, let air dry, fold and store for another use.  Our wraps should last you about a year, and when they're all done simply cut the wrap into strips and add to your compost pile (or you can toss in your fire)

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