Why Bamboo and not Plastic?

Over 100 years ago the first plastic product was invented.  Originally, plastic meant "pliable and easily shaped".  

Plastic as we know it is an amazing product; durable, long lasting, cheap and easy to manufacture.  Plastic has helped free people from restrains brought by the scarcity of natural resources. But plastic is also non biodegradable, toxic, and harmful to the environment. All the plastic ever made is still in existence since it doesn't decompose.  

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plant we know about.  In 24 hours, some types of bamboo can grow 36 inches! In 8 years, a bamboo grove can be harvested.  

Bamboo is a food source as well as a building material. Bamboo is strong enough to build a house! Bamboo is tough and non toxic. Bamboo is bio-degradeable, meaning that it will break down in a compost pile, or even if it's left in the ground (that will take a little longer though). 

Bamboo is a fabric. Bamboo fabric can be made non-mechanically which is the most eco-friendly option.  Fashion designers are using bamboo fabric because it has a luxurious softness, flowing drape and easy price (besides being eco-friendly)  

Bamboo is energy.  Used in charcoal, firewood, and pellets. Bamboo is wood, is paper, is musical instruments, is weapons, cars, and so many more things we didn't list!  We hope that this helps you see how important and beneficial bamboo is as an eco-friendly product and how easy it is to replace plastic items, like straws, cooking utensils, and more, with bamboo products. 


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